Fresh Meat Fridays

Fresh Meat Fridays

We want to get everybody excited for the weekend by inviting you all over to check out our “Fresh Friday” meat case!

This is a new venture for us and we need the support of all of our loyal customers.  We began this last weekend and were very pleased with the turnout!

We are asking you all to spread the word if you came in to try our fresh, and I mean fresh, as in never frozen and just-cut-today off of our Heritage Hereford hogs. These hogs are brought to you by one of our local farmers doing an awesome job in Monroe County raising up these wonderful, antibiotic-free, never-in-a-confinement-building hogs that show their superiority when they hit your plate.

I promise, you WILL taste the difference.

This week, we are again offering a variety of cuts including PORK STEAKS, CHOPS and RIBS that will make your mouth water while you grill.

We also have some new treats like MARINADED PORK KABOBS already on the skewer, just waiting for you to add your favorite vegee combination, lean and juicy PORK STIR-FRY CUTS, and, after the three o’clock hour…fresh, bold, JALEPENO AND CHEESE BRATWURST!

Folks, in honor of our faithful, wiser generation, I’m telling you that this IS your grandfather’s pork! Here’s to all of you who remember how good pork should taste!

See you Friday and Saturday!