Picnic Time

Picnic Time

We are sure everyone wants to go on a picnic again. Spring is here and it’s picnic time.

However, there’s one thing drastically wrong with this picture.

There are no people and there is no food.

With the “stay at home” directives, the good people of Missouri and the USA are severely limited in what we can do. And, even if we could go to this picnic table, there would only be room enough for one person.

Social distancing you know.

If I’m at one end of the table and you are at the other end, well guess what?

We’d both be arrested.

Who would have ever believed this could happen in our beautiful country?

We, at 4 Quarter Processing are dedicated to providing quality meats for you as long as we can.

Therefore, we’ve opened our online shop and invite you in.

Here’s to healthy eating, no matter what.