Deer Processing and Price Information from 4 Quarter Processing Missouri

Deer Processing And Price Information From 4 Quarter Processing MissouriAs a state inspected meat processor, 4 Quarter Processing is committed to food quality and safety. All of our summer sausage and deer sticks are vacuum sealed and you ALWAYS get your own deer back on fresh meats.

Our tracking system assures that the fresh deer cuts are always the one that the hunter harvested. Some processors just get a weight on the deer when they come in the door and when all deer are processed, they distribute what they feel the deer would have yielded for steaks, roasts and burger.

Specialty meats are co-mingled unless it is 50 lbs or more of a product.

Note: Specialty products NOT guaranteed by Christmas. We make every effort but we cannot make that guarantee. Hunters will be notified when complete.

Drop-offs are to be put in the pens around back and must be field dressed and for weather conditions above 38 degrees, body cavity is to be filled with ice. Conservation tags must be attached. Paperwork is available on clipboard hanging on pens. Make SURE you give us a valid phone number. If you are not the same person as displayed on yellow deer tag, please include BOTH names on information sheet.

DEPOSIT FEE: Deer will not be processed without minimum deposit of $100 dollars. NOTE: Please Do Not Leave Cash.

Antlers/cape mounts stored at hunters’ own risk, but every precaution is taken to ensure the safety of said items.

4 Quarter Processing reserves the right to deny deer that we feel would endanger the integrity of quality meat that our customers are accustomed to receiving. This includes but is not limited to: deer that have set in warm temperatures for too long of a period of time before being brought in, deer that have been mauled by another animal, and deer that may carry disease.

If you have any questions, please contact us or call 573-565-2622.

Deer Processing Price Information

Procedure Price
Basic Process – Loin – Steak  – Roast – Burger $125.00
Cape Mount $ 75.00
Antlers $ 10.00
Carry-In Processing (Bone-In) $ 1.75 lb
Grind/Wrap (Boneless) $ 1.25 lb
Grind Only (Boneless) $  .75 lb
Pork/Beef Fat $ 1.25 lb
Jerky (Charge is on Green Weight) – Loss of 50% $ 9.00 lb
Bratwurst or Bacon Burger $ 3.25 lb
Breakfast or Italian Sausage $ 3.00 lb
Stix $ 4.25 lb
BBQ Stix $ 4.25 lb
Stix w/Cheese $ 4.50 lb
Stix w/ Jalapeno & Cheese $ 4.75 lb
Summer Sausage $ 4.00 lb
Summer Sausage w/Cheese $ 4.25 lb
Summer Sausage w/ Jalapeno & Cheese $ 4.50 lb
Summer Sausage w/ Cranberry & Cheese $ 4.50 lb

Click here to download a printable Deer Processing Price Form.

Please contact us or call 573-565-2622 for more information