Beef Processing and Packaging Prices

Beef Processing And PackagingAt 4 Quarter Processing, we process meat in a way that returns more beef to you than the average butcher shop. How?

When we do beef processing, we take the time to cut all available, usable meat as opposed to fast, easy butchering. This method saves you money because you get more QUALITY, EDIBLE meat for you to take home.

We use a double protection wrapping method which includes plastic film plus butcher paper. Our customers appreciate this extra step compared to a freezer paper option.

Note: Off-slaughter day incurs an additional $50.00 slaughter fee (Lamb or goat-$25). ALSO, storage fees accumulate at a rate of $1.00 per day, per tray after 5 days of notification of completion.

Questions about custom beef, pork, deer, and poultry processing? Please contact us, or call 573-565-2622.

Slaughter (up to 1299#) $60.00
Slaughter (1300# and over) $75.00
Slaughter (lg/herd bull) $100.00
Offal (rendering) $25.00
Processing (on hanging wt) $ 0.85
Tenderizing (per #) $ 0.50
Ground Beef Bags (1, 1.5, or 2# ea) $0.15
Box of patties (about 20 per box) $3.00

*Prices subject to change.