Pork Processing in Missouri

Pork Processing in MissouriMissouri has traditionally been a farming state and now the national trend for eating locally grown foods seems to be catching up with what Missourians have always known. Locally produced food is a great choice, especially when it comes to ham, bacon and pork chops.

Here at 4 Quarter Processing, we love the positive feedback we get from our customers once they have tried our locally processed pork. We have witnessed a growing demand for local products over the years we have been in business. Yes, there was a slow down after the 2008 recession but little by little we are seeing a comeback.

Pork Processing in Missouri“Many people come in out of curiosity, but come back after tasting the flavor of our pork chops, smoked hams, pork steaks, and especially our bacon” said owner Richard Caldwell. “My wife, Kristen, created an Apple-Cinnamon bacon that flies off the shelf. Don’t be confused, this is not ‘applewood smoked’, this is Apple-Cinnamon” he continued.

At 4 Quarter Processing we maintain the highest standards at each step, from the moment hogs arrive, through the pork processing, right up to the final double wrapped freezer package. When we process, we take time to cut all usable meat as opposed to fast, easy butchering. This method saves you money because you get more QUALITY, EDIBLE meat for your family.

We produce Missouri State Inspected pork products so you know you are getting that extra level of care and concern over your health and well-being.

Pork Processing in Missouri

Pork Processing and Packaging Prices

Slaughter (up to 350 lbs) $30.00
Slaughter (above 350 lbs) $40.00
Slaughter (above 500) $50.00
Slaughter (above 600) $60.00
Offal (rendering) $20.00
Processing (on hanging wt.) $0.65
Tenderizing (per lb) $0.50
Ground meat bags (1 or 1.5 lbs) each $0.25
Box of patties (about 20 per box) $3.00
Cure and Smoke (per lb) $0.80
Seasoning (per lb) $0.60
Render Lard (per bucket, about 9-10 lbs) $7.50
Links/Brats (process fee per lb) $2.20

*Note: Off-slaughter day incurs an additional $50.00 slaughter fee (Lamb or goat-$25). ALSO,Storage fees accumulate at a rate of $1.00 per day, per tray after 5 days of notification of completion.

4 Quarter Processing uses a double protection wrapping method which includes plastic film in addition to butcher paper. Our customers appreciate this extra step more than the just freezer paper.

Our method of meat processing returns more pork to you than the average butcher shop. This is largely because we take the time to cut all available, usable meat as opposed to the fast, easy butchering process. You save money and get more quality, edible meat.

For questions about custom pork, beef, deer, and poultry processing, please contact us, or call 573-565-2622.